RO | BZ | BUZAU | Zuckerfabrik, heute AGRANA

Alte Ansicht der Buzauer Zuckerfabrik [1], seit 1998 Standort des österreichischen Players AGRANA, 1998-2008 Headquarter von AGRANA Rumänien [2].
In englischer Sprache heißt es dort [2]:

“Our raw sugar production is located in Buzau, Buzau County. The plant was designed both for the production of beet sugar and cane raw sugar. In 1998 the plant technology changed in order to process only raw sugar. The processing plant capacity is 1.000 tonnes of raw sugar per day. AGRANA Romania has made several investments for upgrading and modernizing production, the company’s latest acquisition is an automatic packing bags in boxes which achieved the perfect quality of packaging, it achieved also the performance that only two operators could pack 60 tonnes in 12 hours, therefore the productivity increased by 24 tonnes per shift.”

[1]…AK 142×90 mm, BUZAU, Fabrica de zahăr, C.P.C.S, Editura Meridiane, ohne Datum. Eigentum (11/2015)
[2]…AGRANA Romania, abgefragt am 02.11.2015

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