USA | Felix The Cat’s Mean Chimney Trick


Back in 1924 Felix The Cat was once expelled from home. But as a clever cat, he developed a scheme to avoid his skin getting soaked by the pouring rain. Copyright by Pat Sullivan, King Features Syndicate, Inc., published in London by E. Hulton & Co. Ltd. The strip shown above features pp. 86-87 of the book. The Felix Annual 1924 was the first edition of the following FA series and is holy property of schlot_archives since 08/2009.

USA | CA | San Francisco – Alcatraz Power Plant, alte Kraftzentrale

2 seltene  Schnappschüsse von C. Russ, Wien ( 12.05.2008 ). Danke vielmals! Alle Rechte beim Bildautor. Die Fotos zeigen die alte Kraftzentrale der Gefängnisinsel.

Detailplan der Kraftzentrale hier. (

schlot_map (bei Google Maps)